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For thousands of years, traditional Chinese medicinal practices have encouraged women to modify their lifestyles to reduce stress during pregnancy to ensure an efficient birth, a calm emotional state, and most importantly, a healthy baby.

Using acupuncture as a tool, we follow these same principles, in conjunction with Western medicine, to offer women an integrated, whole body approach to health - especially fertility and pregnancy health. We're trained to listen to concerns, take a complete medical history, and pay special attention to how the entire body - as a unit - is functioning.

We're passionate about women's health. It really is that simple. When we saw that women in Edmonton were not getting all they could out of traditional Chinese medicine - both as an alternative and a complement to Western medicine - we decided to fill the gap.

We offer women a holistic, natural, and alternative way to live a healthier life. By specializing in fertility, and pregnancy health, we ensure women have access to healthcare options and choices they didn't have access to before.

Cecil Horwitz R.Ac, D.Ac, CH

Cecil Horwitz graduated with honours from Grant MacEwan University's School of Acupuncture in 2008. While practicing acupuncture he developed a passion for alternative, natural treatment options for women with pregnancy-related issues. He decided to specialize in women's health, with a specific concentration on fertility, conception, labour, menstruation and postpartum-related health issues.

Jillian Rieckmann RMT

Jillian Rieckmann graduated Makami College School of Massage Therapy, at the top of her class in 2008. After having her daughter in 2007, she became interested in a more holistic approach to her own families health and the health of others.

For the last three years she has specialized in therapeutic massage for pre conception, pregnancy and postnatal health, pediatric health, and men's health. Jillian has also received her personal training certification, which she uses in her practice to teach clients how to help balance their body for optimal results.

Christina Pistotnik HHP, RAc, D.Ac

Christina Pistotnik graduated from Grant MacEwan University from both acupuncture and holistic health programs. She has a strong belief in alternative medicine's ability to look at a person as a whole and treat according to their specific and individual needs.

For more information on our health services and programs, please visit the Whole Family Health website at www.wholefamilyhealth.ca.
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